‘It is invisible what guides you along the way.’

Katarina Jazbec asked me to create the research publication for the film ‘You can’t automate me’. I translated the research into a printed publication. Showcasing the artistic methods behind the aesthetics in a way that catches the vibe of the film in a three color riso.

This poster features a few movement scores from the Handbook for Eyes, Bones, Muscles, Skin, and Dreams (2020) developed and experienced together by Angeliki Diakrousi and Katarina Jazbec. The scores are emerging around the working technique and embodied knowledge of the harbour workers – so-called lashers* (see film credits) that Katarina and Angeliki met along the way – and are based on practices and concepts that have their own history. Such practices include Butoh, Feldenkrais, and Deep Listening and specifically the handbook has been influenced by the personal practice of Angeliki, and the work of Masaki Iwana, Natsu Nakajima, Moeno Wakamatsu, Mai Tasaka, and Pauline Oliveros.


Katarina Jazbec, published by PrintRoom Rotterdam

Specs poster
3 color riso Blue, Fluo pink, Yellow Paper Munken Print White 120 grs Printing PrintRoom Rotterdam, by chef riso: teuntjefleur Publisher PrintRoom Rotterdam, Karin de Jong