Yellow Horizon info

Design for performance by Body of Art

A Perfect Waste of Time info

Trailer of the documentary film – 49 minutes

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The Handbook for Eyes, Bones, Muscles, Skin, and Dreams 

Research publication for Katarina Jazbec, 2021

Design Dedication info

Bookdesign & workshops i.c.w. Alex Walker

workshop specs

 Neutrality of colour workshop i.c.w. Alex Walker and students of the Sandberg Design Department to experiment with 3 colours offset print.

location Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, print workshop

participating artists Wouter Stroet, Hanna Valle, Tali Lieberman, Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Andrea, Francisca Khamis, Emirhan Akin,  Levi van Gelder, Stelios Ilchuk, Ghenwa Aboufahad, Heleen Mineur, Leith Benkhedda

result A colourtest sheet where we tested Pantone 300,802 and 804 with a group of designers & artists.

thanks to Joos Wieringa and Drukkerij Raddraaier

The Art Elevator info

Workshops & exhibition designs 2018-2019

Knowing the thoughts of the residents with their works are sometimes are a perfect portrait of their personality, we tried to describe what the works mean to the group. In the workshop people go from describing a drawing completely philosophical to ‘Yes, I love blue.’

workshop specs

The art elevator workshop with creative elderly residents of Simeon & Anne, Rotterdam. They curated their own works for exhibitions in the 2 elevators of the building where 150 people elderly residents live.

location Simeon & Anna, Rotterdam

participating artists Rob Koelewijn, Julian Semeleer, Jannie Hoogstadt-Mus, Arnold Nieuwendam, Roos Luycx, Cor van Loon Mevrouw Blanken, Anne Dijkstra

result 3 art elevators with different themes and designs. In collaboration with Júlia Carvalho de Aguiar and Anke Oudshoorn

Je krijgt van mij de hele dag info

Documentary 2017-2019 & book texts + design

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Experiments with yellow, pink and blue

Riso prints – 2020