Tessa Meeus is a designer with a social approach to design, branding and documentary film. I am forever interested in the ability of design to amplify voices. I research the ethical side of creative making.

Since I graduated from a MA from Sandberg Institute (design, 2019) my work is focussed more and more on community-based research. I build projects around socio-political matters like identity-bubbles, ethics and separation based on bias. With these projects I look for impactful ways of storytelling and experiment with the limits of design. This creates a socially engaged design practice, sometimes focussing on building a brand, sometimes focussed on improving living conditions with inspiring ways of storytelling, sometimes portraying a community from the inside out without being a fly on the wall.

I collaborate with residents, students, designers, and filmmakers. Besides working as a designer I am working at the drawing club in Simeon & Anna in Rotterdam. Get in touch if you have a collaboration in mind!

Currently I live and work in Tilburg, NL.
2016-2019 I studied at the Design Department of the Sandberg Instituut
2017 I participated in a residence with Disarming Design From Palestine for Amman Design Week, Jordan
2012-2017 I worked at Studio Lonne Wennekendonk, Rotterdam, NL
2012-2014 I worked for Social Embassy, Amsterdam, NL
2008-2012 I studied at Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam, NL
2010-2011 I studied at UdK Berlin, DE
2008-2012 I studied at SintLucas, Boxtel, NL