Opening up the design process.

The design of this book is a collective effort by alumni and Sandberg Design students (2019). Alex and I are alumni ourselves and we made use of tools, type, and design skills of both alumni and current students of the Design Department to create this book.

This book is printed in a custom colour profile using pantone 300, 802 and 804 instead of the usual four process colours: CMYK. We tested this profile together with the students of the design department in a two-part workshop in November 2019, the outcome of which was an offset-printed A2 Test sheet containing images and texts coming from their work, and colours and mixed ink swatches that would be key to the book. This was an exercise in not only opening up the production process, but also engaging with students in a discussion about standardized image reproduction processes, software, and notions of neutrality and normativity. The design made by Sandberg Design Department alumni, even though it may seem abstract at times, can be applied in various ways. In the index and the glossary, we used Nero Alto Light, a typeface designed by Sandberg alumnus Mateo Broillet. The cover artwork and acknowledgement pages are designed with Glyph Drawing Club—a text art editor created by Sandberg alumnus Heikki Lotvonen. Thanks to everyone who was part of this process, and a special thanks to Joos Wieringa, Drukkerij Raddraaier and Mariska Bijl.


Valiz, Sandberg Instituut

In collaboration with
Alex Walker

Best verzorgde boeken 2020, student jury


Specs book
Offset Typefaces HCP Maru Gothic, Nero Light by Mateo Broillet Paper Munken Print White 80 grs, 1.5, Natural Strong Board, 265 grs Printing & binding Wilco/Bariet/Ten Brink, Meppel/Amersfoort Publisher
Valiz, Amsterdam in cooperation with Sandberg Instituut Design Department, Amsterdam

We made use of tools, type and design skills of both alumni and current students of the design department to create the book.